Good evening vs Good night

What is the difference between good evening and good night? When do we say them? We often hear people say good night to one another as a greeting simply because it’s night time. Is that the correct explanation? Then what about good evening?

Take a look the conversation below.


Kelly: Good evening, James. Good evening, Michelle.

James: Good evening, Kelly. How was your day at work?

Kelly: As usual. Do you have any plans later tonight? The others and I are going to the new cafe. Are you coming?

James: Sure.

Kelly: Great. What about you, Michelle?

Michelle: I’m sorry. I don’t think I can go. I need to get my work done.

James: And I think you need to get some sleep. You look really tired.

Michelle: I think so too. Have fun, guys. Bye. See you tomorrow.

Kelly: See you tomorrow, Michelle. Good night.


In the conversation above, Kelly and James uses ‘good evening’ as a greeting. At the end of the conversation, just as Michelle is leaving them to head home, Kelly wishes her ‘good night’.

And that’s basically the usage good evening and good night.

Good evening’ is commonly used as a greeting, another way to say ‘hello’, when you are meeting someone in the evening or during night time. However, do note that ‘have a good evening’ is a way of saying ‘goodbye’, despite having ‘good evening’ in it.

Good night’ is another way of saying ‘goodbye’ when you are leaving to go home at the end of the day. It is most commonly used when we are going to bed.


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